Brake Service

Expert Honda Brake Repair in the Bronx, NY

Whether you need a complete new set of brakes for your Honda or just new brake pads or shoes, the skilled technicians here at Bronx Honda will make sure your car can stop on a dime! Don’t underestimate the importance of your car’s brakes, they’re all that stand between you and a major headache – and a damaged car! The Bronx Honda Service Center can repair and replace your brakes, bleed your brake fluid, repair your brake lines, and even provide safety inspections for your braking system. We can replace and service brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers, and keep your car safe and secure while stopping. From disc brakes to drum brakes, the skilled auto brake experts at Bronx Honda can handle any type of Honda brake repair project you require – even upgrading your stock brakes for and aftermarket set! Drive with confidence and keep yourself and your passengers safe with excellent brake service from Bronx Honda.